Ring Guide

Ring Size Guide

Whether you’re buying a ring to mark a special occasion such as an engagement or wedding, or you’re simply treating yourself or your loved ones, a good fit is a must.

We’ve created the following chart to help you find your perfect fit. You are required to have an existing ring for accuracy and we suggest you use a ring with a similar band width to the one you want to buy.

Each circle below corresponds to the inside diameter of the ring. So as to determine the size of your ring compare it to the chart to find the corresponding diameter. For the fit to be perfect, the circle on the chart should appear on the inside of your own ring, right next to it

Our ring sizer is provided as a guide only. The most accurate way to measure your fingers is to visit our store. Here, our friendly professional team will be happy to take your ring size using an industry standard sizer. We will be happy to help you choose your ring in the best possible size for you.